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Experience sustainable adventure travel in Thailand at Asa Lanta.  Asa Lanta is the perfect place to go back to nature and tread a different path from the typical tourist trail.  If you’re looking to stay somewhere off the beaten path and experience an out of the ordinary adventure while you’re in Thailand, you’ll love Asa Lanta’s Eco Life Adventure bungalows.  You can also visit their Organic Teahouse and Earth Shop, or take part one of their workshops.

At Asa Lanta, you can stay in beautiful natural clay and bamboo bungalows, cook your own food like a local, and experience traditional Thai life surrounded by a forest of enormous and magical bamboo plants, fruit, vegetables and herbs.  Staying at Asa Lanta lets you appreciate the joy of living a simple life and respecting the environment.

Their stunning Organic Teahouse and Earth Shop are also open to the public to visit, and they offer workshops in sustainable building, creative recycling and making things out of bamboo.


asalanta organic teahouse
Organic Teahouse at Asa Lanta


Sustainable Adventure Travel in Thailand

Asa Lanta, or Asian Sustainability Academy, is the creation of Anke and Aoi, a Dutch-Thai couple who met on Koh Lanta in 2006.  They had a dream of living a simple, sustainable life, close to nature, building their own home from clay, and sharing their lifestyle and knowledge with others.

Anke and Aoi started living on their land in 2009, when it was nothing but jungle.  They camped out in a bamboo hut while they installed electricity and running water, and started building their first clay house using the clay from their land.

After many years of hard work and learning through experience, working with locals as well as volunteers from around the world, their dream has now become a reality.

Today at Asa Lanta, there are three small earthen houses made out of clay and other natural materials, each with an outdoor compost toilet; a community house with dorm beds and living area; an organic teahouse and small shop; a little outdoor playground for kids; a treehut high up in the trees; and three bungalows for their Eco Life Adventure guests.


clay house at asalanta thailand
One of Asa Lanta’s three earthen houses


Experience Asa Lanta

You can visit Asa Lanta to simply sip a refreshing cup of organic tea in their beautiful teahouse, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of their bamboo garden, or buy a gift from their shop.

You can get muddy and active in their sustainable building workshop, create a handmade product out of bamboo, or get inventive with upcycling.

Or you can opt for one of the most unique and sustainable types of adventure travel in Thailand – Asa Lanta’s Eco Life Adventure.


The Organic Teahouse & Earth Shop

Visiting the teahouse is a fantastic day trip to make while you’re on Koh Lanta.  The building is really beautiful, and surrounded by a bamboo garden, which provides a tranquil and calming atmosphere, and also shade from the sun.

They serve refreshing infusions made with organic herbs and fruits from their garden.  They also have some unique and healthy shakes, fresh juices and homemade chlorophyll water called Tree of Life.  There’s a small selection of tasty, healthy raw snacks and also an all day breakfast.


Asa Lanta’s infusion teas made with organic fruit and herbs from their garden


In the little Earth Shop, you can find handmade products, great to take home as gifts.  They have unique jewellery, crystals, buddha statues, singing bowls, Asian lucky charms, and a small but growing collection of upcycled goods and reusable items to replace disposable products. They also sell some organic food, including pure honey from a local beekeeper when available, pineapple vinegar, and household products, such as herbal ant spray and natural dishwashing liquid.

They are part of the Trash Hero water bottle project, so you can buy a refillable water bottle here, and also refill with free drinking water if you have one of the Trash Hero bottles.


Find out more about Trash Hero refillable water bottles.



They also sell Trash Hero stainless steel straw sets and shopping bags, and reusable shopping bags made from old rice sacks, made on Lanta Noi by Aunty Bee.

The Organic Teahouse and Earth Shop are open to the public every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, apart from Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Asa Lanta’s Organic Teahouse and Earth Shop



You can take part in some fantastic workshops at Asa Lanta, learning about natural building, creative recycling, and making products from bamboo.

They offer three different workshops, suitable for all ages:

1. Natural Building

Get muddy and have fun learning how to build a natural house yourself.  Find out how to mix clay, sand and fibers to make bricks, mortar and plaster.  Make your own natural pigments and paints.



2. Sustainable Bamboo

Learn all about bamboo, how it grows, its uses, and how to work with it.  You can choose from a wide variety of items to make in these workshops, like lanterns, plant pots, soap trays, spoons, decorative mobiles, and even a bow and arrow.



3. Creative Recycling

Learn about recycling, composting, and fun ways to get creative with upcycling trash.

Find out more about Asa Lanta’s workshops and how to book them here.


natural building workshop at asalanta thailand
Natural building workshop


The Eco Life Adventure

If you want to stay somewhere out of the ordinary and go back to basics while you’re in Thailand, Asa Lanta’s Eco Life Adventure could be the inspiring, fun and memorable experience you’re looking for.

Their traditional bamboo and clay bungalows are set within three acres of lush bamboo forest and tropical jungle, with a fish pond and small mountain stream nearby.  You can cook your own food in the traditional Thai way, using an open fire stove and clay pot.  You also have access to your own BBQ, kitchen utensils, a jungle knife and axe, and will be given a small survival guide for your eco adventure, including directions to the local food markets.

This is a fantastic chance to go back to nature and be self-reliant and resourceful.

Find out more about Asa Lanta’s Eco Life Adventure here.  You can book directly with them or through Airbnb.


asalanta eco life adventure travel in thailand
One of the three bungalows at Asa Lanta’s Eco Life Adventure


Working With the Community

Anke and Aoi offer free educational activities for the local Thai children, where they learn all about the natural environment and sustainability, as well as some English.


local children learning about sustainability at ASALANTA, Thailand
Local children learning about sustainability at Asa Lanta


They also work with local schools to teach children about the importance of recycling and composting, and recently helped the school in Khlong Nin set up a composting station.

Find out more about Koh Lanta’s community composting project.



How to Get There

Asa Lanta is located in Khlong Nin village.  Follow the main road, heading south from Saladan.  Once you reach Khlong Nin area, stay on the main road – don’t take the turning to the beach road.  You’ll soon see a small turning on your right (just next to the green triangle shaped house) with a sign for the Mai Keaw cave.  Follow the red and white Asa Lanta signs, through the local village and rubber plantations. 


Treetribe eco products


Sustainability and Adventure on Koh Lanta

Asa Lanta is a truly special place and definitely worth a visit while you’re on Koh Lanta, to eat and drink in their teahouse, browse around their shop, learn about sustainability in one of their workshops, or go on a real eco adventure by staying in their Eco Life bungalows.

As Anke and Aoi say, at Asa Lanta you can, “refresh your soul in a natural and creative environment, find your passion and learn what joy the freedom of a simple life brings”.


traditional thai bungalow at ASALANTA koh lanta thailand


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  1. Wow! You had me at tea and bamboo. lol

    I love my tea, and I like to use bamboo products. I like their look and feel, but also that they are so sustainable and eco-friendly.

    This looks like such an interesting place to visit. As you say, it seems unique and outside of the usual touristy places.

    As a retired teacher and nature-lover, I was impressed with how they are educating the local children about the environment. That is so commendable.

    This is an excellent article that has got me thinking about my next vacation.

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Stella, thanks for your comment.  Asa Lanta really is a wonderful place and hopefully you will be able to visit it some day.  Koh Lanta could be your next vacation destination!  🙂

  2. Oh wow! This place looks so peaceful and relaxing! What a wonderful place to visit. I love the fact that they have different activities for visitors to take part in. I always find it exciting to try something new and learn about a new culture! I am curious though is there any sight seeing attractions that can be enjoyed?

    1. Hi Mindi, thanks for you comment.  Yes, there are lots of great things to see and do on Koh Lanta, and also nearby in Krabi.  On Koh Lanta, it’s great to hire a moped and drive around the island – driving along the beach road or over to the Old Town.  Kayaking in the mangroves to see the monkeys is really fun, also snorkeling and scuba diving to nearby islands, and swimming through the Emerald Cave to a little hidden beach, allegedly used by pirates in the past, stopping for lunch at Koh Rok and seeing all the monitor lizards.  There are some lovely hot springs in Krabi and Koh Lanta has a small waterfall which you reach by walking through the jungle.  Other than that, lying on the beach seems to be the main attraction here!  Hope you can visit one day 🙂

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