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Planet found in the “neptunian desert” of a star

An international group of astronomers has identified a rogue planet orbiting its star in the so-called “Neptunian desert.” The Neptunian desert is a region close to the stars where large planets with their Neptune-like atmospheres are not expected to survive, as the strong radiation from the star would cause the evaporation of any gaseous atmosphere, […]

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Nordic microalgae cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel

A further study, written by the researcher of the University of UmeĆ„ Lorenza Ferro, highlights the importance of microalgae in the environment and the considerable possibilities that these plants offer in the field of biofuel production. Biomass made of algae has been increasingly taken into account and used in recent years for the production of […]

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Genetic mutation has evolved in humans to cope with sugar consumption

Human evolution is of course still ongoing and a discovery has been made about a limited genetic variant that is affecting humans in relation to today’s diet. Research, published in eLife, shows how human bodies are starting to change in relation to the management of blood sugar levels. This evolutionary process has been determined by […]

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VLT photographs double asteroid passing near the Earth at 70,000 mph

Using the SPHERE tool of the Very Large Telescope (VLT), a group of researchers from the European Southern Observatory obtained relatively sharp images of 1999 KW4, a double asteroid that approached the Earth recently. The results obtained show that even the VLT can be used in the context of the study of Near-Earth Objects (NEO) […]

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