Creative Ways To Reuse Trash

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

You can see some really creative ways to reuse trash on Koh Lanta.  From the imaginatively decorated beach bars, putting trash from the beaches to great use, to the fantastic Aunty Bee, who uses old rice sacks, tetra paks and plastic bottles to make reusable shopping bags, and also Asa Lanta’s fun recycling workshops.

As a popular tourist destination, Koh Lanta has to deal with a large amount of trash, left behind by tourists and also washed up onto its beaches. Some locals put this trash to great use, by decorating their beach bars, cafes and restaurants, using it to make ecobags, and running creative recycling workshops.

Many of the beach bars are decorated with amazing artwork made from trash washed up onto the beaches. Fishing buoys and old rope from fishing boats, flip-flops and plastic lighters, lightbulbs and driftwood, are all used to make fantastic decorations in bars, restaurants and resorts.


where else resort koh lanta thailand
Where Else? Resort

Where Else?

One place that really puts trash from the beach to good use is Where Else? Resort on Khlong Khong Beach.

Update Feb 2019: Where Else? Resort has moved!  They recently opened a lovely garden restaurant in Long Beach. 

It’s located on the main road opposite the gym near the Funky Fish road (Traveller’s Lane).   

They serve great Thai, Indian and Western food in a beautiful garden with amazing upcyled decorations.  They also have plans to build a hostel there, so watch this space! 

Check out their Facebook page for more info.

The owners of Where Else? have been making inspiring recycled artwork for almost 20 years.  As more and more places on Koh Lanta are now building with concrete, Where Else? has been creating beautiful bungalows out of bamboo, grass and recycled materials since 1998.  Their bungalows are like works of art.


Where Else? Resort, Koh Lanta
Where Else? Resort


The restaurant and bar area never fail to impress, with awe-inspiring decorations and sculptures in every nook and cranny.

‘It’s like going on a treasure hunt – you never know what you’re going to find next.’

As the amount of trash washed up onto the beaches seems to be increasing each year, Koh Lanta needs more places like Where Else? Resort to take it off the beach and put it to good use.


Where Else? Resort, Koh Lanta

where else resort koh lanta thailand


Aunty Bee’s Eco Handicraft Shop

Lanta Noi (Little Lanta) has a new thriving business selling handmade bags made from old rice sacks, tetra paks, plastic bottles and even coffee sachets.

At the beginning of 2017, Aunty Bee started making shopping bags from old rice bags in the front room of her house.  They were such a hit with locals and tourists, she sold out in the first week.  She now employs more staff and has opened a shop and expanded her range of products.

The shop is located in Langsod Village on Koh Lanta Noi (on the way to the car ferry) and is a great place to buy locally made, eco-friendly souvenirs. You can use her shopping bags while you’re on Koh Lanta to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use, and they make great beach bags.


Eco Bags made from rice sacks


Several local resorts and restaurants are donating their used drink cartons and plastic straws to Aunty Bee’s shop.  It’s great to see trash being made into something useful, and also earning some money for local women.


aunty bee milk carton bag


Ecobag made from pineapple juice carton


shopping bag made from old rice bag


fan made from old plastic straws


table mat made from old plastic straws


shopping bag made from old rice bag


Ecobag made from coffee sachets


Check out Aunty Bee’s Facebook page to see more of her products and get directions to her shop.


Recycling Workshops at Asa Lanta

Asa Lanta in Khlong Nin run some creative and fun recycling workshops where you can use your imagination to put old trash to a new use.

Find out all about Asa Lanta’s Eco Life bungalows, organic teahouse and workshops.



Have you seen any creative ways trash is reused on Koh Lanta?

Let us know if you see any inspiring ways trash has been reused on Koh Lanta, or if you have any suggestions for interesting things that could be done with trash on Koh Lanta.

Let’s find more ways to put that rubbish to good use!


Eco bags made on Koh Lanta


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Creative Ways To Reuse Trash on Koh Lanta


4 Replies to “Creative Ways To Reuse Trash”

  1. Wow, how interesting that is a great idea why doesn’t every country do this. It stops us destroying the planet by significantly decreasing the percentage of landfill. This is truly futuristic and creative. This place looks beautiful and I really want to go in the future. I love the big images you have of the island 🙂

    1. Koh Lanta is a really beautiful place. You should definitely visit one day. We will keep the beaches nice and clean for you 🙂

  2. Amazing creative ways to reuse trash. In this case, trash is gold. Not only helping the environment but can make a good business out of it. Now that I know of Koh Lanta, will study this island a bit further. Might be making this a holiday destination with my family.

    1. Hi Sharon, I’m sure you and your family would love Koh Lanta. It’s really popular with families and very child-friendly.  If you have any questions, just ask, we’d be happy to help.  Thanks for your comment 🙂

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