Reducing Plastic Straws in the Ocean

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)


More and more businesses on Koh Lanta are saying no to plastic straws and choosing stainless steel, bamboo or paper ones instead.  This means Koh Lanta’s businesses and tourists will be reducing the future amount of plastic straws in the ocean, as well as keeping the beautiful beaches here cleaner.

No Plastic Straws for Koh Lanta’s Businesses

The fantastic team behind Trash Hero Koh Lanta has spurred Koh Lanta’s bars, restaurants and resorts into action by making a large order of stainless steel and paper straws, and delivering them around the island to everyone interested in using them.

It’s really inspiring to see how many businesses on Koh Lanta want to ditch plastic straws and use more eco-friendly alternatives, such as bamboo and stainless steel ones.

As well as protecting the environment and marine life, it also makes financial sense for businesses to stop using plastic straws.  They can save money by not using plastic straws, and serving reusable ones instead, or not using straws at all, or giving customers paper straws only when they request them.


Drink with stainless steel straw
Happy Veggie restaurant says no to plastic straws










Koh Lanta is joining the global movement to reduce plastic straws in the ocean.  We’re making a great start, but there’s still a long way to go, as many bars and restaurants do still use plastic straws.

Changing people’s habits takes time, but hopefully once a few places make a change and get the ball rolling, more places will start to see the environmental and financial benefits, and make the change too.

Which places on Koh Lanta are saying no to plastic straws?

There are quite a few places on Koh Lanta that have been quietly saying no to plastic straws for a while now (some even for several years), and now more places are starting to join them.  Here are some of the places on Koh Lanta saying no to plastic straws:

In Khlong Dao

fat monkey ling uan restaurant koh lanta
Fat Monkey (Ling Uan) restaurant


oasis yoga bungalows koh lanta thailand
Oasis Yoga Bungalows


time for lime bungalows & cooking school koh lanta
Time for Lime bungalows & cooking school


In Phra Ae/Long Beach

irish embassy pub koh lanta
Irish Embassy pub and restaurant


red snapper restaurant koh lanta
Red Snapper restaurant


pattys secret garden koh lanta
Patty’s Secret Garden


cozy guesthouse koh lanta
Cozy Guesthouse


mook lanta eco resort thailand
Mook Lanta Eco Resort


Find out more about the great eco-friendly things Cozy Guesthouse and Mook Lanta Eco Resort do.



Near Relax Bay


happy veggie restaurant koh lanta
Happy Veggie restaurant


kaya cafe koh lanta
Kaya Cafe


lazy days bungalows koh lanta
Lazy Days Bungalows

In Khlong Nin 


pure lanta cafe koh lanta thailand
Pure Koh Lanta cafe


asa lanta organic teahouse koh lanta
Asa Lanta organic teahouse


Want to buy your own reusable straws?

You can buy stainless steel straws on Koh Lanta.

This set, which includes a stainless steel straw, brush, spoon, and cloth bag, costs only 150 Baht.




Here are some of the places you can buy this stainless steel straw set on Koh Lanta:

hidden depths dive shop koh lanta
Hidden Depths dive shop in Saladan


oasis yoga bungalows koh lanta thailand
Oasis Yoga bungalows in Khlong Dao


happy veggie restaurant koh lanta
Happy Veggie restaurant near Relax Bay


asa lanta organic teahouse koh lanta
Asa Lanta organic teahouse and shop in Khlong Nin


Why are plastic straws so bad?

More than a BILLION plastic straws are used once and thrown away around the world EVERY DAY.  They often end up in waterways and eventually our oceans, where they take up to 200 years to decompose.

plastic straws on beach


They’re not even something we need to be using.  We can easily manage without them, and we should be caring more about what happens to them after we’ve used them.

Plastic straws pollute the earth and oceans, and can harm marine life.  Most people have probably seen the horrible photos and videos of turtles having plastic straws being pulled out of their noses.  Surely we should be thinking about that every time we sip from a plastic straw.  It could be the straw we’re using that ends up harming another animal in the sea.


Upcycling Plastic Straws on Koh Lanta

plastic straws upcycled into fans
Aunty Bee’s fans made from used plastic straws

Even though many businesses on Koh Lanta do still use plastic straws, the owners of Shaan and Jeevan’s Eco Farm on Lanta Noi have been working with Aunty Bee’s Handicraft shop to upcycle used plastic straws.

Some businesses, such as The Kitchen and the Dim Sum restaurant in Khlong Dao, have been saving their used plastic straws and giving them to Aunty Bee’s shop to be upcycled into fans and table mats.

Find out more about Aunty Bee’s shop and the great upcycled products you can buy there.



How Can You Make a Difference?

While it’s great that lots of places on Koh Lanta are saying no to plastic straws, there are still a lot that aren’t.  That’s where you, the customers, can help.  You can make a real difference by encouraging other Koh Lanta businesses to stop using plastic straws.

What can you do as an individual?

    1. If you’re having a drink somewhere that still uses plastic straws, tell them you don’t want a straw when you order your drink.
    2. If you want to use a straw, carry a reusable stainless steel or bamboo straw with you.
    3. Start telling business owners why you don’t want a plastic straw.  The more people who speak out, the more they’ll get the message.

Check out the Trash Hero kids telling you how to say no to plastic straws in Thai:


What can you do as a business owner?

  1. Stop using plastic straws.
  2. Provide a straw only when asked by a customer.
  3. Provide either a reusable or biodegradable straw.
  4. If you do still use plastic straws, recycle them by giving them to Aunty Bee’s shop in Lanta Noi.

Koh Lanta Cares and Wants to See an End to Plastic Straws in the Ocean

Koh Lanta is moving in the right direction, which is really exciting news.  Let’s hope that soon the norm will be for the majority, or all, of Koh Lanta’s businesses to not use plastic straws.  A lot of people on Koh Lanta care about this beautiful island and the marine life.  They want to keep it clean and reduce the number of plastic straws in the ocean.

If we’ve forgotten to mention some places that have stopped using plastic straws, leave a comment below or send us a message.  There are a lot of businesses on Koh Lanta, so it’s hard to keep track of everywhere!  


Want to ditch plastic water bottles too?

Find out how you can save money and the environment by using a Trash Hero refillable water bottle on Koh Lanta.



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Koh Lanta Reduces Plastic Straws in the Ocean


4 Replies to “Reducing Plastic Straws in the Ocean”

  1. I would really like this fad to get out into the rest of the world. I have purchased plastic straws myself and always thought of what a waste it was at the end of the bag where I only used every straw once. Also so many plastic straws people go through regularly at fast food places and even sit down restaurants. It would be amazing if a lot of different places started picking up this practice. We could cut down on so much plastic waste.

    1. Definitely.  There really needs to be a big change and a move away from single use plastic globally.  There are a lot of other ‘no straw’ movements around the world, which is great, but it won’t make a real difference until it becomes mainstream.  Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.  Thanks for your comment and for caring!

  2. Thanks for writing this!

    I had an amazing opportunity to take a conservation biology class when I was in college, and it was one of the most eye-opening that I’ve experienced.

    I was presented with some of these statistics, and the tragedy that so much of these things in our everyday lives are actually causing so much damage out in nature.

    If plastic straws are being used, is it advisable to recycle them instead? Hopefully society will fully transition with enough action and vocalizing of concerns.

    1. Hi Jordan, it is really sad to see the damage we’re doing to the environment and wildlife, with so many things.  Plastic pollution is a huge global problem, and coastal places are really seeing the problem when the trash gets washed up on to beaches.  It’s great if people can recycle their plastic straws but it doesn’t seem like many of them are being recycled.  You’d be amazed at how many get washed up on to the beaches here in the rainy season.  That’s why the best solution is to stop using them.  On Koh Lanta, there’s a wonderful lady who upcycles used plastic straws into hand fans.  So, businesses here can give their leftover straws to her. 

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