Koh Lanta’s Eco-Friendly Businesses

There are lots of resorts, restaurants, bars, dive shops etc. on Koh Lanta making great efforts to be eco-friendly, and reduce the impact tourism is having on the island.

Many businesses sell the Trash Hero water bottles, and some sell stainless steel straws and reusable shopping bags.  A lot of places are starting to say no to plastic straws and yes to composting, and many places reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

These are some of the businesses on Koh Lanta helping to make the island greener…


Businesses Selling Trash Hero Water Bottles + Offering FREE Drinking Water

Over 65 places on Koh Lanta sell the Trash Hero refillable water bottles, helping to reduce the number of plastic water bottles used just once and then thrown away.

You can see all the places that sell the bottles on the map below.   Everywhere that sells them also lets you refill with free drinking water if you have one of the Trash Hero bottles.


map of places on Koh Lanta selling Trash Hero water bottles
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Find out more about the Trash Hero water bottle scheme.



Koh Lanta Businesses Saying No to Plastic Straws 

More and more businesses on Koh Lanta are ditching plastic straws and using more eco-friendly alternatives, such as bamboo, stainless steel and paper ones.  You can buy stainless steel straws at some places on Koh Lanta too, so you can say no to plastic straws wherever you go.

Find out more about the places on Koh Lanta saying no to plastic straws.



Koh Lanta’s Composting

Thanks to the Koh Lanta Community Compost project, many businesses on Koh Lanta have started composting their organic waste.  The composting project runs workshops in both Thai and English and has shown many of Koh Lanta’s resorts, restaurants and schools how to compost and reduce the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfill.

Find out more about the Koh Lanta Composting workshops and the resorts and restaurants on Koh Lanta that compost their food waste.



There is also a new initiative, run by Keep Lanta Clean, that offers daily food waste collection for resorts and restaurants on Koh Lanta.

Find out more about Keep Lanta Clean’s composting pick up service.



Aunty Bee’s Eco Handicraft Shop

Aunty Bee has become quite famous on Koh Lanta for her fantastic upcycled ecobags made out of old rice sacks and tetra paks.   She is a tailor and Batik maker who began selling her eco-friendly bags in 2017, which she makes at her house on Lanta Noi.  They are so popular that she has now opened a small shop selling her shopping bags and also other handmade crafts, made from old rice bags, fruit cartons, plastic bottles. coffee sachets, and plastic straws.

Take a look at her Facebook page for more info and directions.

green businesses on koh lanta - Aunty Bees Eco Handicraft Shop


Dive Companies on Koh Lanta

There are some fantastic dive companies on Koh Lanta, offering amazing snorkeling and scuba diving trips while also protecting the marine life and coral reefs.

Find out more about scuba diving on Koh Lanta.



Asa Lanta: Eco Workshops, Bungalows & Organic Teahouse

Asa Lanta is a fantastic example of sustainable living on Koh Lanta.  You can visit their beautiful teahouse to sip a cup of refreshing organic tea and eat a healthy snack, buy gifts in their eco-friendly shop, and take part in one of their sustainable workshops.  They also have a small play area that kids can have loads of fun in.  If you want to have a really unique adventure while you’re on Koh Lanta, you can stay in one of their clay and bamboo bungalows, cook your own food, jungle style, living at one with nature.

Find out more about Asa Lanta.




Shaan & Jeevan’s Eco Farm

The owners of Shaan & Jeevan’s Eco Farm have been doing some amazing things to make Koh Lanta a greener, more sustainable island.   Their farm is located on Lanta Noi and you can visit to take part in eco tours around the local area, learn about their off grid living, and go kayaking through the mangroves and over to a nearby deserted island.  The eco farm is tucked away, one kilometer down a little dirt road, near Langsod beach, and it’s a wonderful place to visit.

Find out more about Shaan and Jeevan’s Eco Farm.



Time for Lime

Time for Lime is an amazing social enterprise on Koh Lanta, supporting both eco-friendly initiatives and animal welfare.  If you really want to travel sustainably on Koh Lanta, make sure to support Time for Lime.  You can stay in one of their nine cozy bungalows, sip amazing cocktails at their beachfront bar, eat tasty Thai fusion tapas at their restaurant, and take part in fun and memorable Thai cooking and cocktail classes in their open air beachfront kitchen and bar.


Time for Lime bungalows and cooking school koh lanta thailand


Time for Lime is a truly original and innovative place on Koh Lanta.   They were the first cooking school to open on Koh Lanta, back in 2003, and the owner, Junie Kovacs, used proceeds from Time for Lime to build Lanta Animal Welfare in 2010.

Lanta Animal Welfare has really improved things for the animals and also the people on Koh Lanta.  They run a successful sterilization and immunization program, which has massively reduced the number of sick and stray cats and dogs on the island.  They also treat sick and injured animals and find new ‘forever homes’ for many of Koh Lanta’s stray animals through their adoption program.  You can visit Lanta Animal Welfare to go on one of their daily tours and also take some of their dogs out for a walk.

Way ahead of the game, Time for Lime hasn’t used plastic straws in their drinks for over five years.  They are also part of the Trash Hero Koh Lanta water bottle program, which means they sell refillable water bottles and offer free drinking water if you have one of the Trash Hero bottles.

Lanta Animal Welfare also sells branded tote bags, which are great to use as beach bags and shopping bags.  Aunty Bee has also recently started to make bags and purses for them out of their left over dog and cat food bags.  Buying one of their bags means you can help the animals on Koh Lanta as well as the environment.


cat food bag recycled into a purse


KoHub Coworking Space

KoHub is Koh Lanta’s awesome tropical coworking community.  They take great care to be as eco-friendly as possible, encouraging their digital nomad community to use Trash Hero refillable water bottles and shopping bags, and take part in the weekly Trash Hero beach clean ups on Sundays.  They reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, and also support some great community projects.

Kohub tropical coworking community koh lanta


Oasis Yoga Bungalows

Health and wellness next to Khlong Dao beach.  Oasis Yoga offers yoga classes for all levels, including children, healthy food and drinks, with a great selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and cozy and comfortable bungalows to experience a truly relaxing getaway on Koh Lanta.   At Oasis Yoga Bungalows you can enjoy a healthy, chilled out and sustainable holiday.  Trash Hero water bottles are available for guests to use throughout their stay, bamboo straws are served with their drinks, and fresh, seasonal, local produce is used in the Oasis Kitchen.  You can unwind, detox and rejuvenate at this oasis near Koh Lanta’s beautiful Khlong Dao beach.

Oasis Yoga Bungalows Koh Lanta Thailand


Mook Lanta & Cozy Guesthouse

Both located in Phra Ae village, on Long Beach, Mook Lanta and Cozy Guesthouse do loads of great eco-friendly things, and make a big effort to make their rooms, bars and restaurants as environmentally friendly as possible.

Find out more about Mook Lanta and Cozy Guesthouse.


Happy Veggie Restaurant

Enjoy a super tasty vegetarian or vegan meal at Happy Veggie restaurant, near Relax Bay.  Happy Veggie serves delicious vegetarian and vegan Thai food, plus sandwiches, salads and raw food.  They say no to plastic straws, sell the Trash Hero refillable water bottles, so you can refill your Trash Hero bottle here with free drinking water, and they also use the Keep Lanta Clean composting pick up service.  Happy Veggie is located on the main road near Relax Bay, just before Lanta Animal Welfare.

Happy Veggie vegetarian and vegan restaurant Koh Lanta


Kaya Vegan & Veggie Cafe

Located next door to Happy Veggie restaurant near Relax Bay, Kaya Cafe is a lovely vegan and vegetarian coffee shop, serving delicious and healthy breakfasts, salads, sandwiches as well as cakes, desserts and amazing Italian coffee.  The cafe has been creatively decorated with driftwood and bamboo, and they also say no to plastic straws here.  Definitely worth a visit if you fancy cakes and coffee or a tasty healthy breakfast or lunch.


Kaya vegan vegetarian cafe koh lanta thailand


Pure Koh Lanta

Pure Koh Lanta serves delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan food, amazing organic coffee, superfood smoothies, tasty cakes, including vegan ones, and many more awesome treats.  You will also find no plastic straws here!  The cafe is located in Khlong Nin, opposite the pharmacy at the junction.

Pure Koh Lanta healthy vegetarian and vegan cafe



If you know somewhere on Koh Lanta you think we should add to this list, send us a message.  It’s hard to keep track of all the great eco-friendly things people are doing!


Find out how you can be eco friendly on Koh Lanta.




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