Eco Projects on Koh Lanta

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018)

There are some great eco projects happening on Koh Lanta and hopefully more will happen in the future.   With the support of local businesses and tourists, Koh Lanta can take a different route to development than other popular tourist destinations in Thailand have.

Koh Lanta has been steadily growing in popularity with tourists year after year and, as a result, is seeing more development.  Many people worry that the island will become over-developed, in the same way as places such as Phuket and Pattaya.

Hopefully though, Koh Lanta can follow a more sustainable path, preserving its wonderful natural environment, and keeping its simple and unique charm.

Trash Hero

One of Koh Lanta’s most successful eco-projects, Trash Hero Koh Lanta began organising beach cleanups here in January 2016.   They have held over 100 cleanups, with more than 1,400 volunteers picking up over 10,000 kg of trash.

Come along and join one of their weekly beach cleanups while you’re on Koh Lanta.  They’re great fun and you can leave Koh Lanta knowing you’ve had a positive impact while you were here.

They take place every Sunday, at 4 pm and you can check their Facebook page for the location.

Find out more about Trash Hero.



Koh Lanta Coral Propagation Project

The Koh Lanta Coral Propagation project was set up by Scubafish and Anuar Abdullah of Ocean Quest in January 2017.

It is endorsed by Sea Shepherd Dive and sponsored by Pimalai Resort & Spa in Kantiang Bay.  The coral reef restoration and rehabilitation project uses natural methods to grow coral in an eco-friendly manner.

Find out more about Koh Lanta’s coral reefs and its propagation project.



Koh Lanta Community Compost

The Koh Lanta Community Compost project was set up in October 2016 by the owner of Costa Lanta resort.

The project runs workshops in Thai and English to teach locals how to recycle their organic waste and create compost they can then either use in their gardens or sell.

Find out more about Koh Lanta’s community compost project.



Keep Lanta Clean

This is Koh Lanta’s most recent eco project and is currently in its pilot phase.  A daily food waste pick up service is being organised by Keep Lanta Clean with the aim of reducing the amount of organic waste ending up in landfill and polluting the environment.

This is a first of its kind project in Thailand (as far as we know).  We hope it’s going to be a huge success and lots of Koh Lanta resorts and restaurants use the service.  It will keep the streets on Koh Lanta smelling nicer and reduce the amount of methane produced by rotting food in the landfill.

Find out more about Keep Lanta Clean’s compost pick up service.



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