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Author: Trevor Martin

I am a Wordpress developer, PHP/MySQL expert and Mathematics major. As a volunteer contributor here, I help with the technical side of things (when required) as well as writing about new research I find interesting. Email contact: [email protected] Local number: 0491 570 159 International number: +61 491 570 159

Ammonia found on a surface of Pluto

Evidence of the presence of ammonia on the surface of Pluto was found by a French and US research group. The article, published in Science Advances, talks about how researchers analyzed the various data sent to Earth by the probe New Horizons, launched by NASA in 2006 and arrived near Pluto in 2015. In particular, […]

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A new way to cultivate rare bone marrow stem cells has been discovered

Hematopoietic stem cells are rare bone marrow cells that perform important functions in the blood and immune system. In the context of the strong technological advances in laboratory stem cell growth achieved in recent years, hematopoietic cells are an exception as they are very difficult to grow in the laboratory and this has limited several […]

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Blue light of screens causes sleep problems in adolescents according to study

Restricting the use of the screen before going to sleep can limit adolescents’ sleep problems according to research presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology, ECE 2019. Specifically limiting exposure to the blue light emission of these screens during the evening can help teenagers improve the quality of sleep and generally […]

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Ultra-processed foods make you fatten up more according to a new study

Highly processed foods, those that are heavily treated during processing, cooking and preparation in general, can contribute to the obesity study that appeared in the journal Cell Metabolism, a study that was later taken up by the Los Angeles Times. The results were obtained through a four-week trial that saw 20 healthy volunteers eating different […]

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1800 new supernovae discovered

If until a few years ago supernovae could be considered rare and difficult to detect events, today things have changed thanks to the technological advances of modern ground telescopes that make it possible to avoid the use of expensive space telescopes, not always available to all research groups. An example is the case of a […]

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