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Author: Kate Robinson

Facial recognition could be used for monitoring intensive care patients

Facial recognition to monitor the faces of ICU patients? It is the idea that came to a group of researchers at the hospital of the University of Yokohama, Japan. The research, presented at the congress of the European Society of Anaesthesiology, provides a fully automated and computerized system through which it is possible to monitor […]

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Torrential rain and extreme showers increased steadily between 1964 and 2013

A new study confirms the global increase in rainfall, specifically the most violent and torrential rains, between 1964 and 2013, an increase due to global warming. The new research published in Water Resources Research shows how extreme rainfall has increased in much of Europe, Canada, the Midwest and the north-eastern region of the United States, […]

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Direct image of a planetary system obtained in formation 370 light-years away

A group of astronomers has succeeded in reconstructing a direct image of a planetary system that includes more than a dozen exoplanets in orbit around the star PDS 70, some 370 light-years away from us. This is the second time that we can recreate a direct image, through a combination of adaptive optics and data […]

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Discovery of the connection between oral health and Alzheimer’s disease

A group of researchers discovered a link between oral hygiene and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB), led by Piotr Mydel, found that the bacteria that cause gingivitis can pass directly from the mouth to the brain. Here they can produce a protein that destroys the nerve […]

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A hormone produced during pregnancy can treat joint pain

A group of researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that a particular hormone, produced by women from the first trimester of pregnancy, can help alleviate the pain caused by a particular joint condition called arthrofibrosis. This hormone is produced by the mother to relieve muscles, joints and ligaments to prepare the body […]

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Were feathers or birds born first? Researchers think they have found an answer

A new study, published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution, provides the answer to one of the fundamental questions that biologists and paleontologists have increasingly asked in recent years about birds: were the latter born first or the feathers? The new work, which according to the researchers could change our understanding of the feathers themselves […]

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