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Author: Sarah Foster

Joma Kleen From OutwitTrade Reviews 2 New Hosting Services

Joma Kleen is a writer for who has extensive experience with WordPress and SEO. Today, he just published two new reviews of hosting companies he has personal experience with, Seek A Host and Bulk Buy Hosting. These are two relatively unknown hosting companies with a very specific use case: each of them are marketed […]

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Sleep fragmenting linked to the risk of migraine headaches

Non-continuous sleep, understood as fragmented sleep, can be linked to an increased risk of migraines unlike the duration of sleep itself and the low quality of general sleep. This was achieved by a group of researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center who published their study on Neurology. The relationship […]

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The acidification of the sea off California is twice as fast as the global level

The waters off California are showing a level of acidification twice as fast as the global ocean average. NOAA researchers have obtained this result by analyzing the small microscopic shells found in these areas, shells, and remains of microscopic animals called foraminifers. They took about 2000 samples of these remains off the coast of Santa […]

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Planets in habitable areas may not be suitable for life due to stellar radiation

Even if a planet is in the so-called “habitable zone,” it is not said that it can boast ideal conditions and not even sufficient for the existence of life because the star around which it revolves can “flood” it with periodic deadly radiation. What was a strong suspicion of astronomers and exobiologists was confirmed by […]

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Urbanisation increases aerosol on Amazonian rainforests with negative consequences

A new study warns about the link between urbanization and the climate of the Amazon rainforest, considered as the lung of the planet. The study, published in Nature Communications, shows that urban pollution from Manaus, the populous city in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, causes a sharp increase in aerosol formation in the nearby rainforest […]

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First eruption detected in a star 450 light-years away

A powerful star eruption has been identified in the atmosphere of the active star HR 9024, also known as OU Andromedae, a giant star with a high X-ray brightness that causes a giant plasma bubble around the surface of the star itself. The star is about 450 light-years away from us. This is the first […]

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