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Joma Kleen From OutwitTrade Reviews 2 New Hosting Services

Joma Kleen is a writer for who has extensive experience with WordPress and SEO. Today, he just published two new reviews of hosting companies he has personal experience with, Seek A Host and Bulk Buy Hosting. These are two relatively unknown hosting companies with a very specific use case: each of them are marketed towards SEO experts as so-called “PBN” hosters. A PBN, or Private Blog Network, is a blackhat SEO technique to increase links to a website, and in order to make PBN’s work, the consensus is that it is necessary to have websites hosted on different servers. Seek A Host and Bulk Buy Hosting are services that have sprung up to serve this need.

Joma’s verdict? Both are great services, but they differ mainly in terms of their interface (Bulk Buy Hosting is better than Seek A Host in this respect) and their cost (Seek A Host is much cheaper than Bulk Buy Hosting). For those looking for PBN hosting, Joma recommends trying both of them.

You can read Joma’s Bulk Buy Hosting review and Seek A Host review at

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