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Find out all about our eco-friendly news and learn about sustainable travel on Koh Lanta, and also in Thailand. 

There are lots of people and businesses on Koh Lanta making great efforts to reduce the negative impact tourism has on this small Thai island.  We want to celebrate them and inspire more people to act.  Many businesses are eco-friendly and we have some great eco-projects on Koh Lanta.  They are all trying to keep Koh Lanta beautiful, help it hold on to its unique and laid back charm, and develop in an environmentally friendly way.

Take a look through our website to find out about the great eco-friendly things happening on Koh Lanta and how you can help to keep the island a paradise.



Eco Projects on Koh Lanta

Find out about some of the great eco projects happening on Koh Lanta.


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How to Travel Kindly in Thailand: 5 Ways to Be a Sustainable Traveler

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Tackling Food Waste in Thailand: Koh Lanta’s New Compost Pick Up Service

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Eco Adventure Travel in Thailand

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9 Ways to Protect Coral Reefs Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

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yup fest bare feet project music festival koh lanta thailand

An Eco Friendly Music Festival on the Beach

What’s better than a music festival on the beach?  A music festival on the beach with no shoes, single use ...
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koh lanta says not to plastic straws

Reducing Plastic Straws in the Ocean

More and more businesses on Koh Lanta are saying no to plastic straws and choosing stainless steel, bamboo or paper ...
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A Great Way to Save Money on Koh Lanta

It's always good to save money!  Find out how can you save money on Koh Lanta and also protect the ...
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Koh Lanta: Home to Some of The Best Scuba Diving in Thailand

Mu Koh Lanta National Park is home to some of the best scuba diving in Thailand, and the world.  Find ...
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composting moonlight exotic bay resort koh lanta

Locals Turn Waste Into Money

Thanks to the great work of Koh Lanta Community Compost Station, locals on Koh Lanta can turn waste into money, ...
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